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Protecting community nurses with real time location systems

Jason Sturman

Community nurses need looking after too. In this article we look at how Sense helps to improve health and safety for lone working nurses through fall detection, SOS alerts, and lone worker check-ins.

First in and last out task assignment

Jason Sturman

Being able to assign tasks based on first to arrive and last to leave is extremely useful for companies who need to set up for the day in a particular way, or secure locations and assets before they leave.

Helping lone frontline workers deliver remarkable service

Jason Sturman

Helping your frontline workers to deliver great service can be challenging. In this article we explore how real time location systems can help.

Using real time location systems to improve your workplace

Jason Sturman

You can use real time location systems to improve efficiency in your workplace. This article investigates how you can reduce costs, improve productivity, and meet sustainability goals.

Enhancing the security of access management systems with RTLS

Jason Sturman

In this article we explore how you can improve access management by using real time location systems in tandem with access controls.

Revolutionise your employee time tracking. Improve the accuracy and reliability of timesheet data.

Jason Sturman

Is the way you track time in need of an update? We explore how you can revolutionise the way your organisation tracks employee time & attendance, using a real time location system.

Using RTLS to improve emergency response

Jason Sturman

Emergency responses must be both fast, and appropriate. This article shows how you can improve emergency response outcomes by using real time location systems.

Using real time location systems to monitor and protect data warehouses

Jason Sturman

Data is worth protecting, especially if you run a data storage facility. In this article we explore how real time location systems can help your business protect data warehouses.

How RTLS can help you improve your invoicing 

Jason Sturman

Generating accurate invoices for work carried out remotely can be difficult. In this article we explore how Sense can help improve your invoicing and prove to clients that time was spent on site performing tasks.

Using Sense to monitor and improve employee engagement

Jason Sturman

Monitoring employee engagement is hard. Especially with frontline workers who are spread over large areas and different sites. Sense can solve this problem.

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