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We build unique wearable hardware and powerful automation software that connects and empowers frontline workers worldwide

Sense platform

The Sense Badge

This wearable companion is designed especially for the way frontline staff actually operate – and can be clipped to any belt, collar, pocket or cuff. The wearable SenseBadge is light enough to carry without feeling like a burden, with a casing that is rugged and robust enough to protect its components against the roughs and tumbles of daily work.

RTLS technology icon

RTLS technology

Powered by our proprietary “Angle of Arrival” algorithm for quickly locating people or assets.

GPS positioning icon

GPS positioning.

Transmits outdoor locations beyond the Sense networks to ensure all lone workers can be located.

The Sense Badge
4G LTE-M SIM icon


This powerful SIM card with inclusive data package keeps wearable devices connected to the cloud.

Bluetooth icon

Bluetooth 5.1.

Bluetooth backhaul connects SenseBadges to Gateways for up to 10cm indoor accuracy.

touchscreen icon

3.5” capacitive touchscreen.

View content, select actions or type messages with the on-screen keyboard.

battery icon

12hr battery life.

The SenseBadge continues to transmit data and receive messages or alerts on standby.

sensor icon

Bosch BME688 environment sensor.

Monitor air quality, temperature and humidity, and detect harmful chemicals or gases.

Sense Console

The Sense Console is a web portal that connects you to your hardware network. It's where you visualise your data, communicate with your frontline workers, build and manage workflows or apps, check the status or location of your assets, and virtually manage your Sense devices. Your Sense Console is powered by Microsoft Azure, and all Sense Badge data is synced to your console in real-time, thanks to your on-board 4G LTE-M SIM package. This lets you build instant triggers and responses, which launch actions or tasks based on dynamic events happening on your front line.

Sense Console

The Sense Gateway

Designed to enable up to 10cm location accuracy using a single gateway, Sense Gateways are infrastructure free – an industry first. Thanks to the proprietary “Angle of Arrival” algorithm deployed throughout the Sense ecosystem, there is no need for multiple expensive gateways to triangulate the position of a single object or person – a significant cost within most RTLS infrastructure. Each Sense Gateway can cover up to 280 square metres, or 3,000 square feet.

sense gateway
sense tags and bands

Sense Tags and Sense Bands

SenseTags and SenseBands are a lightweight and low-cost way to track the location, movement and status of customers, visitors, patients, assets or equipment. This helps your staff quickly find the people or the equipment they need. Plus, by setting up geofences via your Sense Console, you’ll know instantly if a person or asset is somewhere it shouldn’t be – and thanks to Sense’s modern workflow automation technology, you can use the position of your assets or visitors to trigger alerts, actions, or even complex workflows.

Sense mobile

The Sense smartphone app

The Sense mobile app is ideal for users who want to access features like tasks, alerts, messaging, voice and basic location services, but who don't require advanced Sense Badge functionality such as person-level accuracy or asset tracking. The Sense app starts from just $3 per user per month, and ensures all members of your organisation can connect to your Sense ecosystem.

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Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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