About us

Sense is driven by a global team of experts, on a mission to deliver powerful technology that supports the frontline workers who make the world go round.
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About Sense

Our team

Sense was founded in the North of England, UK, by a team of passionate HR tech enthusiasts who wanted to improve the way frontline workers got stuff done.

Our growing team of experts now spans across four continents, and is made up of engineers, mathematicians and data scientists with highly diverse and specialised skillsets. With backgrounds covering everything from military and healthcare, to retail and hospitality, we truly understand the challenges faced by frontline workers and the organisations who hire them.

Our beliefs

Frontline workers are the beating heart of your organisation. In fact, they make up 80% of the world’s workforce. So why is only 1% of new technology designed to support them?

At Sense, we believe that frontline teams deserve better technology. We believe that your workers should have access to distraction-free communication, and the ability to call for help in an emergency. We also believe that organisations can work smarter when they are supported by accurate real-time data, such as movement patterns, employee interactions, equipment usage and more.

You shouldn’t need to make awkward adjustments to existing systems, or force your frontline workers to simply “make do”. Instead, you should improve the happiness, productivity and safety of your entire workforce, by connecting them in a way that makes more sense.

Our beliefs

Find out how Sense can help you

Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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