Streamline your frontline

Build custom apps and automatic workflows and deploy them across your entire frontline via wearable Sense technology.

Automate processes

Build custom apps

Create quick triggers

Integrate with other systems

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Streamline your frontline

Reduce repetitive and manual frontline tasks

Each worker wears an interactive Sense Badge that sends and receive real-time data, and runs useful apps or workflows.

Select from our standard apps, or design your own in your central Sense Console – your apps and workflows trigger commands, messages or alerts based on different signals.

Your workflows can receive passive input from Sense Badge sensors, or active input from the badge wearer – such as forms, messages or buttons. These triggers can automate background processes that eliminate non-value tasks.

Add value with custom apps and workflows

Adapt Sense to your way of working



Automate simple processes to eliminate non-value tasks and free up more time for frontline staff.



Create custom interactive apps that simplify complex processes via our no-code app builder.

Adapt Sense to your way of working


Assign lists of jobs and tasks based on triggers such as “clock-in activated” or “location entered”

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Create detailed checklists for each job, to ensure staff complete the required steps every time.

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Distribute interactive surveys to gather feedback, monitor wellbeing and check asset conditions.

Find out how Sense can help you

Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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