Affordable hardware and software to connect, empower and protect your frontline workers

Mobile app

Connect anyone to your SenseConsole with a mobile app

  • Clocking in and out
  • Real-time reporting
  • Internal messaging system
Sense Badge

The wearable badge designed especially for frontline workers

  • Dedicated device for each user
  • Wellbeing and environment sensing
  • Real-time tracking and locating
Sense Badge Plus

Advanced technology for more complex indoor environments

  • All Sense Badge functionality, plus:
  • Upgraded location accuracy
  • Indoor navigation and wayfinding
  • Advanced asset management
  • Full access to every feature
Communication & productivity
Time and attendance
Task management
Core integrations
Data reporting
Remote device management
4G LTE-M SIM with data
Location, navigation and wellbeing
People locating
Lone worker and personal safety
Real-time staff view and redeployment
Environmental monitoring and alerts
People locating plus (indoor up to 0.1m)
Indoor mapping and wayfinding
Asset tracking and management
Asset locating
Asset condition reporting
Asset reservation
Asset inventory management
Asset locating plus (indoor up to 0.1m)
Professional services
Custom integrations
Custom apps and workflows
Premium installation and commissioning
Advanced training