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Manage, locate and protect your workers

Manufacturing sites are challenging places to manage. Keeping your people working efficiently is important for production, but ensuring these people are properly connected and informed is difficult in such a noisy and hands-on environment. Health and safety is also a key concern – failure to follow correct process can lead to injury, or even death. Sense helps manufacturing sites better manage, locate, protect and equip their workers.

Simplify people management

Managing hundreds or thousands of staff across multiple production lines requires team leaders to know who is stationed where, understand shift gaps, and initiate effective communications with floor staff and management – often in busy and even dangerous environments. Sense helps shift managers to simplify people management, thanks to the discreet and durable Sense Badge that workers can clip to their belt or slip into their pocket.

Simplify people management
Workload management
Biometric icon

Biometric clock-in

Staff push their fingerprint onto their Sense Badge when they arrive on site – their identity is verified, their location is registered, the badge clocks them in and their supervisor is informed

Workload icon

Workload management

Once signed in, the Sense Badge can download each worker’s task lists, workstations or duties for the day – so they instantly know who they’re working with, where they need to be and when

report icon

Team messaging

The wearable Sense Badge gives team leaders an instant way to notify team members of critical safety information or shift updates, or to re-allocate the tasks of somebody who is off sick

RTLS icon

Real-time location

Managers can see where each worker is stationed in real-time – either to make sure everybody is where they need to be, or to find the closest qualified worker if a critical station is vacant

updates icon

Company communications

Sense gives your head office a direct line of communication to the people running your manufacturing sites, either for sending company news, or for feedback forms and surveys

Create a safer, happier workplace

Manufacturing sites often have many vehicles and heavy machinery operating, as well as dangerous chemicals in constant use. Sense helps you protect the people who work at your manufacturing sites against many of these risks, and helps your supervisors respond faster when there’s an emergency.

Create a safer, happier workplace
zone control
entry icon

Zone control

Set up geofenced work zones to assign workers to particular areas – our real-time location technology will alert a supervisor if somebody enters a zone without the correct permissions

sos icon

SOS and fall detection

React quickly to emergencies – Sense Badges come with automatic fall detection, and an SOS panic button, which both broadcast the wearer’s precise location to the closest available helper

enviromental icon

Environmental monitoring

Each Sense Badge can monitor it external environment, providing a real-time measure of toxins, gases, air quality, temperature and humidity, so you can maintain optimum working conditions

machinery icon

Machinery management

Track the location and status of machinery or vehicles like forklift trucks, to ensure only qualified personnel can check them out, and to alert workers if a moving vehicle is in close proximity

wellbeing icon

Worker wellbeing

Automatically remind staff to take a break if they’ve been at their stations too long, send motivational messages, or launch real-time surveys to assess people’s mood and wellbeing

Embrace leaner ways of working

With Sense, organisations can connect departments and production lines to help them work faster, smarter, and reduce non-value tasks. Sense also joins the dots between teams to enable real-time updates on task completion, location of materials, and staff status.

skill icon

Search by skill

Staff are often multi-skilled, allowing them to work across different stations or production lines. Sense lets managers search for staff with particular skills, for fast redeployment during busy shifts

forecasting icon

Real-time forecasting

Increase output and improve the accuracy of your forecasts by checking production lines are staffed with the optimum number of people, and ensuring they are working towards the correct targets

Embrace leaner ways of working
heatmapping icon

Data-led troubleshooting

Improve your processes and fix issues by identifying which operators or teams were on shift when investigating quality issues, in order to deliver corrective training or revise station checklists

rooms icon

Faster movement

Find the most efficient routes between storage facilities and production lines – Sense lets you track the movement of people, vehicles, trolleys and equipment to identify where bottlenecks form

wayfind icon

Navigate to equipment

Attach SenseTags to mobile equipment or machinery to help workers find them faster – and provide real-time wayfinding to help staff navigate new sites, complex facilities or unfamiliar areas

audit icon

Condition reporting

Reduce equipment downtime by letting staff instantly scan and report broken machinery – and schedule preventative maintenance checks to ensure all equipment remains active and compliant

Protect inventory with verified audit trails

Production lines and warehouses often have large volumes of inventory flowing through them, and items can sometimes go missing. These losses hurt the productivity of your teams, but also can be a stress point for relations between staff and management. Sense authenticates each worker’s identity, and provides a clear time and location history for easy auditing.

Protect inventory with verified audit trails
2fa icon

2-factor authentication

The Sense Badge requires both a pin code and a fingerprint, ensuring only the authenticated wearer can use the device

alerts icon

Failed login alerts

All login attempts are logged with a time and location stamp, and failed attempts trigger alerts to the relevant supervisor

zone icon

Restricted areas

Zones can be geofenced and restricted by skill, seniority or name, with unauthorised entries triggering a security alert

Create safer logistic processes

Logistics at manufacturing sites and distribution centres can represent many safety challenges to staff working depending on the types of materials and products being transported.

Create safer logistic processes

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Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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