First in and last out task assignment

Jason Sturman
First in and last out task assignment

Office spaces often have specific tasks that need carrying out by the first person to enter the premises, and specific tasks for the last person to leave. There’s an easy way for companies to make sure that employees know to carry these tasks out. Instructions can be provided letting them know exactly what they need to do, where, and companies can verify that the tasks are completed.

The technology that helps to achieve this is called a real time location system. In this article we’ll discuss what a real time location system is, and how it can be used to manage first in, and last out task assignments.

What is a real time location system?

A real time location system is made up of hardware, in the shape of wearable devices, gateways, and asset tags, as well as software, such as a central platform where administrators can manage devices and analyse data. Organisations use real time location systems to monitor the location of employees and assets, as well as to help manage time and attendance, assign tasks, and improve health and safety.

How can a real time location system be used to support first in last out task management?

Real time location systems like Sense – that can assign tasks based on pre-set conditions – can help in several ways. They can assign tasks based on location of employee, employee skill set, availability, or even based on longest period until the employee’s next break is due.

With Sense, the parameters for task assignment can be customised in workflows by companies to best suit their use case, and task assignment can then be automated to help increase efficiency.

Two sets of parameters we will be focusing on is the assignment of tasks for the first person to enter a location, and the last person to leave. The benefits of assigning tasks in this way can help ensure when someone is the first to enter, they can check:

  • Everything is as it should be, buildings or inventory haven’t been tampered with or damaged
  • Security systems have been deactivated as necessary, and entrances unlocked for other employees to enter the premises
  • Machines turned on ready to go
  • Equipment is made available and set up ready for the day
  • Sensors are not detecting environmental hazards
  • Tasks are assigned for the day
  • Any necessary communications are sent to employees
  • And many more use cases

And when someone is the last to leave:

  • All assets and equipment are returned to their proper location
  • Security systems are active and running as intended
  • Doors and windows are properly shut and locked
  • All other employees have left the premises on time and any overtime is approved
  • Tasks have been completed as necessary and any outstanding can be reassigned for the next day where appropriate
  • Any health and safety hazards are dealt with
  • And again, many other use cases…

Companies assigning tasks in this way can experience enhancements in productivity, increases in engagement, and reduction in health and safety incidents. This is due to the preparation of the working environment and successful winding down after a day of work.

Something else to consider, is that employees who enter the premises first or leave last can sometimes be alone for a prolonged period. And that’s why Sense’s real time location system has a specific lone worker mode, which helps to protect lone workers with functionality such as lone-worker check ins, fall detection, and SOS.

Sense is a real time location system that can manage time and attendance, task assignment and help to protect lone workers. If you’re interested to learn how the real time location system can help your company, speak to an expert today.

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