Using real time location systems to improve your workplace

Jason Sturman
Using real time location systems to improve your workplace

Using indoor location to improve efficiency in your workplace can help to reduce costs, improve productivity, and meet sustainability goals. You can accurately track the indoor location of people and assets by using a real time location system, such as Sense. You can combine the use of wearable devices with smart building technology such as lighting and heating systems, to create a workplace that is more efficient.

Reducing costs

By providing each employee with a wearable device, which serves as an ID badge, a locator, and a task manager, companies can ensure that areas not in use are properly switched off or left in the ideal state. For example, as an employee finishes tasks in an area, they can be reminded to switch off machinery, or lights.

Or, this process can even be automated, by integrating your Sense real time location system with smart building technology, so lights switch on as the first person enters a room, and off as the last person leaves.

In the same respect, heating (or cooling) can be focused in areas which are necessary to keep assets at the correct temperature, or where workers most frequently spend large amounts of time. This will help to reduce operational overheads, through reducing energy costs, whilst helping to maintain areas and assets better, therefore reducing costs of repair or replacement.

Improving productivity

Sense can help to improve productivity by removing the need for workers to manage their surroundings in the workplace, as this can be automated and handled on their behalf.

Maintenance to smart systems, for example, can be automatically scheduled, and carried out by qualified staff who are alerted at the necessary points in time. Maintenance can be recorded by employees and audited by management teams who need to demonstrate compliance. This can help workplaces run more smoothly with everyone focused on the task at hand – not the temperature of the air conditioning.

Sensors built into wearable Sense Badges can even help to indicate ambient temperature and environmental factors, so managers can adjust systems accordingly.

Meet carbon reduction objectives

Becoming sustainable is a goal many businesses are stiving towards. Understanding the impact your business has, is the first step on this journey toward meeting carbon reduction objectives.

Knowing the tasks your employees carry out, where, and when, can help you to monitor and manage workplaces to become more energy efficient. It can help management design workflows that promote less energy use, or that require machines to be running for the minimum possible amount of time. Being able to see the amount of time, and location of asset use, can lead to further carbon reductions through relocation, improved maintenance, or upgrading equipment.

Sense’s ability to provide these insights can help improve your workplace, through reducing costs, improving productivity, or meeting carbon reduction objectives. Speak to a Sense expert today to learn more.

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