Wearable lone worker tech

The discreet Sense Badge clips to any belt or pocket – a guardian to protect and locate workers in remote or dangerous environments.

Real-time location

Two-way messaging

SOS panic button

Hard fall detection

Protect your lone workers
Sense Lone worker

Help lone workers feel safe and connected from anywhere

The Sense Badge helps lone workers feel safe and secure, with discreet messaging, automatic fall detection and an SOS panic button.

The on-board 4G SIM card transmits the real-time location and status of all lone workers to your Sense Console, letting you know they’re OK.

When an alarm is triggered or the worker fails to check-in, supervisors are notified of the location and prompted to make contact or send help.

The dedicated lone worker app

Whether they’re working on company or client sites, out in the community, or simply on the road – organisations struggle to stay connected with their lone workers at all times. Which is why the Sense platform includes a dedicated lone worker app – to give those who work alone a constant real-time link back to their teammates and their organisation, no matter where their next job takes them.

Sense lone worker icon

See all active lone workers

Let supervisors and HR see the real-time locations of all lone workers at all times, to pro-actively monitor their safety.

Sense working time icon

Set lone working time

The Sense Badge lets lone workers set the times they expect to be working alone, and how often they expect to check in.

Dedicated lone worker app
Sense safety alerts icon

Safety alerts

If a lone worker fails to check-in, their badge alerts both them and their supervisor. If there is no response, an SOS is raised.

Sebse on and off site coverage icon

On or off-site coverage

Each Sense Badge works on 4G LTE-M to provide lone workers with a direct connection to their supervisor at all times.

Supporting lone workers across different industries

Sense Services maintain icon

Services maintenance

Building services require regular maintenance. Typically, a single engineer is sent out for testing and maintenance, but usually, only one or two people will be aware of the person being on site. Having a two-way connection to the team leader, including real-time location monitoring, can provide an extra layer of security for lone workers.

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Sense community care icon

Community care

Community care workers make many calls a day, and often rush around, visiting the houses of people with varying risk profiles. With the Sense lone worker app, frontline workers can quickly check-in and out of scheduled visits, so supervisors to see they have made it to or from an appointment safely – and make contact if something seems wrong.

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Sense public infrastructure icon

Public infrastructure

Inspection of public infrastructure requires teams of engineers working across large areas. Railway tracks are often cleared in autumn and winter, and can have small teams spread over a wide radius. Keeping each lone worker connected to the team leader allows them to continue working, knowing if something happens someone will come to help.

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Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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