Using real time location systems to monitor and protect data warehouses

Jason Sturman
Using real time location systems to monitor and protect data warehouses

Data warehouses often have strict security processes. Rightfully so. Protection of stored data is one of the key things that customers expect when signing a contract with a data warehouse provider.

So how can data warehouses know who accessed physical storage devices, and when? How do companies keep track of portable data storage devices and who has them? Real time location systems can help.

Controlling access

Primarily, it is important to control physical access to data. Usually, data is safely locked away, so only authorised employees can access it. Plastic ID cards with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) built-in are commonly used. But these are easily misplaced, stolen, or replicated.

With a real time location system such as Sense, biometric authentication can be used to activate door locks, or enter areas. This is better than plastic cards, as the location monitoring ability of the SenseBadges makes them much harder to be misplaced, stolen, or replicated, helping to prevent unauthorised access to data. It also means that they serve a purpose beyond simply allowing access into a zone – by helping you to locate the wearer during their working hours.

With a system like Sense, if unauthorised physical access is attempted, alarms can be triggered, showing security teams where the breach is occurring so it can be dealt with.

If data storage devices are removed from the area they are meant to be kept in by an employee, then alerts can be triggered to the employee device, telling them to return the storage to the area it is supposed to be in. Security teams and management can be notified of the incident on their devices too. This is all possible with the Sense real time location system, that is accurate up to 10cm. This allows you to know who is where and carrying what storage devices.

Access logs

Another benefit of using a comprehensive real time location system, is access to data can be tracked, with reports created to demonstrate who accessed what and when.

The same applies for tracking of portable data storage. If the portable storage is tagged, Reports can show where the storage was taken, and which SenseBadge carrier was in possession of it.

This is helpful when demonstrating that data is properly secured at all times.

Maintenance schedule

Keeping maintenance on time and knowing who carried that maintenance out is a challenge Sense easily solves. Reports can be generated to show this, as well as where the maintenance was carried out.

Temporary access to areas can be granted for engineers through an automated process when a task is assigned, and access revoked once that task is completed.

If you think you can better protect your business, speak to a Sense expert today to learn how real time location systems can help.

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