Facilities management

Sense lets you manage tasks, track attendance and protect lone workers across all sites

Cleaning and maintenance
Accurate and easy crew management

Smart task management

Create jobs across your different sites and zones, then let Sense auto-allocate tasks as workers arrive, based on proximity, skillset or job role. Monitor task progress in real-time, and easily re-deploy nearby team members if a colleague needs help to complete a job.

Automate your timesheets

The Sense Badge shows you when each team member arrives at their destination, and automates their timesheet entry – with biometric authentication to validate their identity. Monitor the time it takes for tasks to be completed, and then send timesheet data directly to your payroll or HR system.

Location-stamped timesheets
Workload management icon

Manage tasks

Send task lists directly to team members, and record how long they take to complete.

Time and location stamps icon

Automate timesheets

Timesheet data is shared with your Sense Console as workers enter or leave their zones.

Real-time location icon

Locate workers

Accurate location data helps you find and support workers who may need extra help.

Protect your workers

Protect your workers

Protect your team members and improve site safety, even in remote client locations, with hard fall detection and SOS alert functions. Accurate location data helps you respond quickly to emergencies, by finding the nearest person and giving them directions to the scene. Log all detected incidents to identify locations or tasks which may present a safety risk.

Site Attendance icon

SOS & fall detection

Protect your team members and quickly call for help.

Biometric authentication icon

Locate help

Find the nearest colleague to respond to emergencies faster.

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Data insights

Log incidents to identify risky locations or challenging tasks

Data-backed invoicing

Show the value of your services and prove that work has been carried out, by adding time-stamped task completion to your invoices – complete with movement analysis and identity verification. Resolve disputes by using the Sense Console rewind functionality to link location and movement data with task completion reports.

Data-backed invoicing for contractors

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