Helping lone frontline workers deliver remarkable service

Jason Sturman
Helping lone frontline workers deliver remarkable service

Helping your employees provide first-class service requires on-going support from all surrounding teams in the business, in making sure stock is available, that any assets needed are maintained, up-to-date, and perform as expected. Also, it’s important to help make sure the work area is clean and tidy (where possible) and to help provide supporting information where knowledge gaps exist.

Organisations will often use multiple systems to coordinate each of these teams, and it’s easy for silos to exist and data to take too long to get to where it needs to be. Modern businesses are switching from outdated devices to comprehensive real time location systems, which allow them to better help frontline workers deliver a remarkable service.

In this article we’re going to look at exactly how a real time location system can be implemented to improve your organisations level of service provided by lone frontline workers.

What is a real time location system?

A real time location system is usually made up of hardware (such as badges and tags) and software, that allows the users to track the whereabouts of the devices, in real time.  These devices can be carried (or worn) by employees or attached to assets. More sophisticated real time location systems combine functionality such as communications and environmental sensors built into devices so frontline workers can be connected to colleagues and coordinated by managers to maximise productivity and efficiency.

How does a real time location system help deliver remarkable service?

Connecting colleagues is the first part of delivering a remarkable service, knowing that information can be easily accessed and shared between colleagues. Messaging functionality can help employees discreetly communicate without disrupting customers.

Knowing a colleague with the correct training is attending a site can improve workforce productivity and reduce errors. Managers can check an employee’s skills and training within the Sense real time location system, so they can see in real time that an employee has the skills before assigning a task.

Lone frontline workers can regularly check in with supervisors and management using a real time location system, so they can feel safe doing their job, allowing them to focus on providing top tier service to clients.

Workflow engines built-in to real time location systems can automate certain processes, such as clocking in, or out, so workers can focus on service levels instead of worrying about managing tedious admin tasks. Processes shouldn’t distract workers from providing a remarkable service, so automating where possible is a must. Sense’s real time location system allows companies to create custom workflows and processes so they can tailor automation to their frontline lone workers, to create the optimum conditions for remarkable service.

If you’re interested to learn about how a real time location system can help your business improve service levels, then speak to a Sense expert today.

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