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The Crucial Role of IP67 Certification in Wearable Real-Time Location Systems

Jason Sturman

IP67 rating is a must have for wearable devices in the workplace. Read today’s article to learn why.

Enhancing safety through real-time location: the role of accelerometers

Jason Sturman

Accelerometers offer functionality that enhances safety, find out how in today’s article.

LTE-M vs. BLE, Cellular, and Wi-Fi: Choosing the Right Technology for Real-Time Location Systems

Jason Sturman

In today’s article we look into why you might choose a real time location system which makes use of LTE-M technology, instead of BLE, cellular or Wi-Fi.

Quick wins when implementing a real time location system 

Jason Sturman

There are plenty of quick wins to be had when implementing a real time location system. Read today’s article to find out more.

Using real time location systems to enforce zonal restrictions

Jason Sturman

Zonal restrictions can be difficult to enforce. Can a real time location system help?

Returning to office? Here’s how to help make it work.

Jason Sturman

In this article we explore how to make your employee’s return to the office more successful through the use of real time location technology.

Manage multiple sites more effectively

Jason Sturman

Managing multiple sites effectively can be really tough. In this article, learn how technology can help you.

Managing evacuation processes with real time location technology

Jason Sturman

Read today’s article to learn how real time location systems can help evacuation leaders get the best possible outcomes

Using Sense to gather workplace insights

Jason Sturman

Workplace insights are difficult to gather, and even harder to use to make a difference. In today’s article we learn how Sense can help.

Using a real time location system to reduce admin

Jason Sturman

Admin tasks can be tedious for those who are forced to deal with them. Sense alleviates the need for admin, by replacing manual inputs with useful technology.

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