Revolutionise your employee time tracking. Improve the accuracy and reliability of timesheet data.

Jason Sturman
Revolutionise your employee time tracking

Keeping tabs on time and attendance comes at a cost. So, it makes sense to invest in ways to track time and attendance that are accurate, reliable, and reduce admin requirements.

Many companies will use systems such as plastic swipe cards or give employees unique codes to remember which must be entered into terminals. Neither of these methods are as reliable, or trustworthy as they should be.

For example, there’s the opportunity for swipe cards to be misused, to sign in a friend, or for clock in on a terminal to be forgotten because someone tail-gated through a doorway behind a colleague. 

But with a smart badge, such as the Sense Badge, biometric authentication means that only an employee can sign themselves in. Connect that with geofencing, and it means an employee can only sign themselves in, whilst in the correct area to work. Add in automatic clock-in and out for a smart badge user who is logged in and enters/exits the working area, and you’ve got a solution that is more reliable and trustworthy than both swipe cards, and terminals – and it’s completely automated.

All timestamps created by a Sense smart badge can be logged in your HR system, which can be integrated with your payroll, so all employees are paid properly for all the time that they complete. Using an end-to-end integrated system removes the need for manual data entry, reduces the risk of human-error, and helps to mitigate falsification of time records.

Removing manual data processing

Removing the need for manual time data processing allows admins to focus on other work that could potentially save further costs for your business, improve productivity throughout the workforce, or improve employee engagement/job satisfaction.

Reducing the risk of human error

Reducing the risk of human error allows you to prevent time wasted clearing up mistakes, and the cost of mis-paying an employee.

Preventing false time-records

Preventing the falsification of time records means that employees are always being paid fairly for time they’ve worked, and nobody is benefitting at the expense of the company. After all, in many organisations, time theft is considered a sackable offence, especially if done deliberately, and/or on multiple occasions.

How to start your upgrade today

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