How Sense are leading the charge with the most up-to-date ISO27001 accreditation

Jason Sturman

Data can be sensitive, and our customers need to trust that, as a data processor, we handle their information with care. So we knew we would need to deliver on all of the latest security standards. And a big part of that, meant obtaining ISO27001 accreditation – which we were awarded on the 6th December 2023.

This showcases our commitment to the highest standards of data security and management. In this article, we thought you might be interested to learn about the importance of this certification, and what it means for businesses looking for reliable real time location solutions.

Understanding the shift from ISO27001:2013 to ISO27001:2022

Most companies who are ISO27001 accredited, are still running on the 2013 version of the standard. Which is great, as it still proves a firm commitment to information security management. But the 2013 version of the standard is no longer the latest.

October 2022 marked a significant milestone in information security, with the release of ISO/IEC 27001:2022. This update represents a proactive response to evolving digital threats and technological advancements, ensuring that information security management systems (ISMS) remain robust and effective.

The transition from the 2013 to the 2022 standard was driven by the need to address new security challenges and emerging technologies. And it introduced several key changes, such as:

  • Updated language and terminology to reflect current tech and security practices.
  • New clauses and sub-clauses providing a more comprehensive approach to managing information security risks.
  • A significant update to Annex A, reflecting the complexities and nuances of modern-day data security.

For organisations currently holding the ISO27001:2013 certification, a transition period is in place until 31 October 2025. After this date, the 2013 certification will no longer be valid, highlighting the urgency for organisations to update their ISMS to align with the latest standard.

The benefits of choosing an ISO27001 certified HR software company

In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are becoming increasingly common, the importance of choosing a provider with ISO27001 certification cannot be overstated. As well as being a mark of quality, the certification is a guarantee of stringent information security practices at a deep organisational level.

ISO27001 certification ensures that a company has a robust ISMS in place. This system is vital for the secure handling of sensitive employee data. Therefore, by choosing a certified provider, businesses can have confidence that their data is protected against unauthorised access and breaches.

The advantages of opting for an ISO27001 certified company include:

  • Enhanced data security: Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.
  • Compliance with international standards: Demonstrating adherence to globally recognised practices in information security.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches: Implementing rigorous security measures significantly lowers the likelihood of data breaches, thereby protecting both the company and its employees.

Choosing ISO27001:2022 over ISO27001:2013

As businesses consider their options, the choice between a provider certified in ISO27001:2013 and one in ISO27001:2022 becomes crucial. While all companies will eventually need to transition to the 2022 standard, selecting a supplier already certified under this latest standard has distinct advantages.

Opting for a supplier with the latest ISO27001 certification is a proactive decision. It demonstrates a commitment to the most current practices in data security and management, and reflects an organisation’s dedication to staying ahead in the realm of information security.

Pro-actively obtaining this latest accreditation demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement, showing that the supplier is not just compliant with current standards, but is actively seeking to exceed them.

Sense: Pioneering with ISO27001:2022

Our early adoption of this updated standard underscores our dedication to providing the most secure and advanced solutions. Your business can benefit from our proactive approach to data security. Our commitment to the ISO27001:2022 standard reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation.

Our clients can trust that they are working with a company that not only understands the importance of data security, but is also committed to maintaining the highest standards. This commitment extends to every aspect of our service, ensuring that our clients’ data is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

To learn more about how we look after your data and protect your information security, you can speak to one of our experts.

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