Manage your teams and deliver a better guest experience

Connect your staff

Connect your staff to help them look after your guests

The hospitality sector has a difficult challenge making guests feel welcome, safe, and able to enjoy their trip. Whether you’re running a hotel or a holiday resort, you most likely employ many frontline workers who take care of your guests’ needs or who maintain your facilities. The SenseConsole gives you an easy way to locate, manage and communicate with these workers – while the wearable Sense Badge equips your team members and helps them stay connected, informed, and to get the help they need.

Enhance guest experiences

Guests can be very demanding. To look after them effectively, you need your staff to respond quickly to guest requests, while ensuring routine services are delivered in a timely manner. Sense provides the hardware, software and services that help hotels and resorts deliver a better guest experience.

Enhance guest experiences
Guest check-in
Sense Guest check-in icon

Guest check-in

Hotel or resort staff can start the check-in process from anywhere, using their discreet wearable Sense Badge to inform reception of their arrival and assign a room number

Sense Room ready alerts icon

Room ready alerts

Guests can be given a Sense Badge that alerts them when their room is ready, so they can relax at the bar or restaurant while housekeeping complete their finishing touches

Sense Luggage tags icon

Luggage tags

SenseTags can be attached to luggage and assigned to particular guests, to give your visitors peace of mind that their bags will be tracked and delivered to the correct room

Sense do not disturb icon

Do not disturb

Cleaning and maintenance staff can use their Sense Badges to scan for SenseBands, informing them whether or not a room is occupied by a guest who does not wish to be disturbed

Sense tracking icon

Child tracking

SenseBands can be attached to young children or vulnerable guests, so that guardians or venue staff can be alerted if the wearer has left the premises or entered a restricted zone

Simplify staff management

Simplify staff management

With many shifts and teams to keep track of, hotel or resort managers have a difficult challenge communicating and managing staff effectively. Workers who are constantly moving around the venue do not usually have easy access to central systems, email or telephones, and it’s not always possible to keep everybody in line via instant messaging or chat groups, especially when these apps are installed on personal mobile phones. Sense gives team managers constant visibility of team member locations, and an easy way to keep everybody in touch.

Sense locate staff icon

Locate staff

Shift managers can use the SenseConsole to see who has signed into their Sense Badge, find out where they are, and redeploy them to meet demand

Sense Workload management

Workload management

Allocate tasks to individuals or teams, and create step-by-step checklists to ensure routine tasks are completed on time, and according to required standards

Locate staff
Team communications icon

Team communication

Sense’s secure internal messaging service gives team members a discreet way to share updates or guest requests, no matter what their current location

Sense Sos icon

SOS and fall detection

Sense Badges have an SOS button for staff who feel unsafe, and can automatically detect hard falls and alert nearby colleagues with the wearer’s location

Optimise your workforce

Optimise your workforce and improve your guest experience

Co-ordinating large teams spread over large facilities with many sites or storeys can be a challenge. Sense helps you create tighter controls around how your processes should be executed, while reducing non-value tasks that require repetitive manual admin. Sense also delivers accurate data insights to help you identify your biggest challenge areas, as well as which teams operate the best – and why.

Automatic timesheets
Sense Automatic timesheets icon

Automatic timesheets

Simplify timesheet administration by automating your clock in/out protocol – when team members log in to a Sense Badge, you’ll get exportable time and location data to verify their attendance

Sense prioritise tasks icon

Prioritise tasks

Assign jobs to teams, to prioritise important tasks like preparing certain guest or conference rooms – and prepare task-specific checklists or event schedules, to ensure no detail gets left behind

Sense Movement data icon

Movement data

Analyse the movement patterns of both staff and guests, to understand more about your busiest days, times, or locations – and use this information to improve staff and resource planning

Sense Facility Management icon

Facility management

Let staff report equipment or facilities that require repairs or maintenance directly from their wearable Sense Badge – and create automatic alerts and jobs for your maintenance teams

Sense Scalable solution icon

Scalable solution

The Sense solution is designed for organisations with large volumes of frontline workers, and can grow with you – our system can simultaneously manage multiple sites, storeys, fleets and teams

Find out how Sense can help you

Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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