Wearable authentication

The Sense Badge lets frontline workers authenticate themselves anywhere, to prove their identity, mark their location and verify task completion.

Fingerprint & 2FA

Wearable digital ID

Location and zone control

Clock in and out

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Wearable biometric authentication

See who's on shift and verify identity and activity

The wearable Sense Badge tells you who is working, where they are, and lets you verify their identity with secure biometric authentication.

The central Sense Console can alert a supervisor if somebody enters a restricted zone, or if somebody fails to authenticate themselves.

All data is identity-stamped, time-stamped and location-stamped, helping you analyse task completion, interactions and movement patterns to improve processes and productivity.

Protect each Sense Badge, each wearer, and all critical company data

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2-factor authentication

Each device requires both fingerprint and pin-code authentication from the authorised Sense Badge wearer

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Custom permissions

Sense Badge wearers have custom permission profiles, giving access to features based on rules set by their organisation

Protect each Sense Badge
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Location-based zone entry

Permission-based geofenced zones send alerts whenever somebody enters a restricted or unauthorised area

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Failed login alerts

Each failed login attempt creates a system alert that sends an accurate time and location stamp to your administrator

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Cloud storage

All user profile data is stored on the cloud and only sent to the device upon successful authentication

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Full audit log

Improve security compliance with a full audit trail of login attempts, complete with accurate time and location data

Remote device management for a more secure workplace

Remote device management for a more secure workplace

Your SenseConsole delivers a modern MDM (Mobile Device Management) dashboard, where you can quickly access any Sense Badge within your network. This helps you quickly locate lost badges, remotely lock the screen, or even log them out completely.

Strong security for your peace of mind

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Verified identity

The fingerprint factor ensures only authorised staff can access your devices, workflows and integrated apps

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Remote management

Prevent unauthorised access by locking devices remotely. Any login attempts will immediately notify your IT team

Verified identity
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Site permissions

Alert the relevant manager if an unauthorised Sense Badge wearer is detected in their office, store, facility or zone

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Rapid registration

Cloud-based data storage lets you quickly assign a new badge for adoption if an individual leaves theirs at home

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