Connect, equip and manage healthcare workers for better patient care

Modern, joined-up working for healthcare staff

Modern, joined-up working for healthcare staff

Sense is the ideal solution for modernising new and existing healthcare facilities. The Sense platform combines wearable hardware with high-tech software, to let you monitor and locate patients or staff, while helping workers quickly find and navigate to people or equipment – in real-time. With Sense, frontline staff are better organised, better equipped, and better connected with colleagues and patients.

Reducing disruptive voice communications

Reducing disruptive voice comms

Voice communications can be disruptive, annoying, and irrelevant. Learn why you should consider swapping for something better, which can increase productivity and boost wellbeing.

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Deliver better patient care

Healthcare staff are often overworked, which directly impacts the quality of care they deliver to patients. The Sense platform helps your workforce to streamline their workload and improve patient outcomes.

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Locate patients

Use Sense Badges to locate and navigate to patients quickly, using high-precision indoor location technology

Request help

Doctors and nurses can quickly request emergency help from the closest available qualified colleague

Deliver better patient care

Care logs

Find out when each patient was last seen, who attended to them, and what type of care was delivered

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Integrate Sense with your other healthcare systems such as smart watches that monitor patients vital signs

Improving Care in the Community

How can care providers protect themselves and their staff? And how do customers know for sure they’re getting what they paid for? We explore how technology can help.

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Improving Care in the Community

Better staff management

Healthcare facilities are often extremely busy, and frequently understaffed. Many shift managers face challenges such as checking all staff have shown up for their shift, helping nurses find the right doctors in an emergency, and locating assets, equipment, or members of the maintenance team.

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Plan shifts

Team leaders can see who is meant to be on shift, and where they are - for fast redeployment during busy periods

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Locate specialists

Nurses can search for nearby doctors or consultants with specialist skillsets, and even request emergency support

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Indoor navigation

New or visiting hospital staff can get accurate indoor navigation through complex facilities they may be unfamiliar with

The trouble with voice communication in healthcare

Voice-only communication systems have their uses, but plenty of problems, too. Read this article to learn more about the challenges with using voice communication systems in medical settings.

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The trouble with voice communication in healthcare
Asset tracking for hospital workers

Asset tracking for hospital workers

Nurses spend up to an hour a day looking for the equipment they need, and waiting for it to become available – time that would be better spent on patient care, or taking much-needed breaks.

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Find the precise location of important assets or equipment, and save time spent searching or making phone calls

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Look up equipment availability, check it in or out, and reserve timeslots to prioritise workload and prevent bottlenecks

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Report the condition of equipment to trigger workflows that create tasks for the facility management team

Better and more effective communication

Effective communication amongst large frontline teams can often be difficult. Providing everyone with their own mobile device and subscriptions can be costly, whereas letting staff use their own devices creates risk, allows distractions, and fails to ensure that all staff are properly connected to each other. Sense gives your organisation its own secure internal messaging system – to help you and your frontline workers stay in touch.

Better and more effective communication

Secure internal messaging to keep team members connected

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Wearable messaging

The Sense Badge clips to workers uniform and provides a secure internal messaging service between team members

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Targeted messaging

Send messages to named individuals, or simply send to the nearest available person with a particular skillset

Secure internal messaging
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Team messaging

Send company updates to all staff, or let team leaders inform on-duty workers of important shift information

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Cost effective

Sense Badge devices use 4G LTE-M at a much lower cost than mobile phone or equivalent messaging services

A safer working environment

A safer working environment for your entire team

Different types of healthcare workers operate within different environments – and providing a safe workspace isn’t always easy. For example, community nurses or care workers often feel disconnected or vulnerable when working alone – while medical workers in your facility are often rushing around between patients, putting them at a higher risk of an accident or a hard fall.

The Sense solution helps you take better care of your staff

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Lone worker support

The Sense lone worker app tells supervisors where each worker is at all times, and can request periodic check-ins to help staff feel more secure while working in the community

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The SOS button allows any worker to call for urgent help in any setting where they feel unsafe or unwell – and broadcasts their precise location to the nearest available helper

take better care of your staff
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Hard fall detection

Each Sense Badge can instantly detect when its wearer may have suffered a hard fall – and if the worker fails to confirm they are OK, then it will automatically call for urgent help

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Environmental sensors

See a real-time summary of each worker’s environment– the Sense Badge constantly checks for temperature, humidity and air quality, and can even detect harmful gases or toxins

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Pandemic control

The Sense solution can use precise real-time location awareness to help you monitor social distancing, while reminding staff to wear masks, open windows and sanitise their hands

Better time and task management

Staff shortages across the healthcare sector mean frontline workers have very little time to complete and prioritise tasks. Managers are often unable to check all tasks are complete, meaning many become spill-over priorities for the next shift, creating backlogs.

Better time and task management

The Sense solution helps you monitor and prioritise tasks

monitor and prioritise tasks
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Start the day

After each worker authenticates themselves to start their shift, any tasks assigned to them for that day will be automatically downloaded

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Task schedules

Create recurring daily task lists for different shifts, different workers or different departments, to ensure all the vital basics get covered

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Ad-hoc tasks

Assign one-off tasks to doctors, nurses, technicians or engineers, such as to check in on a patient, run a test, or fix a piece of equipment

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Monitor progress

Ensure nothing gets missed - shift supervisors can see which tasks have been completed, and what’s still outstanding for each team member

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Audits and insights

Analyse historical task completion data, either by individual, team or department, to learn what’s working best and where needs attention

Streamline and simplify processes

Streamline and simplify processes

Patient care is often slowed down due to overly complex processes. Nurses must often wait for other experts or departments to provide booking slots for x-rays, to sign-off on patient release, to send patient transportation, or for ongoing care to be booked. This all tends to involve emails, phone calls, and a reliance on other people in order to complete patient-related tasks.

Sense provides workflow automation tools to help hospitals remove manual steps and reduce repetitive non-value steps. Simple workflows allow you to execute automatic commands based on events or triggers, while our unique no-code app builder lets you build custom interactive apps that you can load onto workers Sense Badge to solve more complex orgasniational processes.

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Sense provides the hardware, software and services you need to connect, inform and support your frontline workers. Our engineers understand the challenges facing frontline workers, and the technology it takes to solve them – so get in touch today, to find out how Sense could help your organisation join the dots.

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