Data centres

Track the movement of people and monitor their environment

Data centres
Ensure customer data is in safe hands

Ensure customer data is in safe hands

Operating a data centre is a complex challenge for organisations and team managers. Monitoring access and people movements on site, as well as monitoring the environment for heat spikes, requires a smart system. Sense combines wearable technology with modern software to deliver real-time people location and environmental data from within your data centres, helping you reassure your customers that their data is in safe hands.

Control and monitor access to the site and server rooms

Maintaining a secure site for data centres starts with the people. Your facility managers, IT teams and security officers all play vital roles in keeping your site secure and running smoothly. But whilst access cards can physically control entry, verifying who was actually in a space and for how long is difficult. Sense uses real-time location and biometric authentication data to give you in-depth visibility at all times.

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2-factor authentication

Staff sign into their wearable Sense Badge using both their fingerprint and their unique pin code, to prevent badge sharing and misuse

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User profiles

Create user profiles with different permissions from within your SenseConsole, allowing you to easily add new or agency staff to the system

Control and monitor access
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Site access

See which staff have signed in at a particular site, and when – with a location and time stamp securely stored for future audits

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Zone control

Geofence sensitive areas such as server rooms, and receive alerts with time and location data if an unauthorised user enters

Automate server room management

For agency staff, or remote staff visiting, finding the right server can take time unless they know exactly where they are going. It can also be a challenge monitoring which tasks get completed, as well as the conditions of each server room. Sense provides room-level navigation and real-time location intelligence, as well as remote user management, to ensure the right people are in the right places at the right times.

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Indoor wayfinding

Upload your floorplan to give Sense Badge wearers accurate navigation instructions, helping them find their way around complex indoor environments

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Maintenance tracking

Scan SenseTags to show which equipment has had maintenance carried out, complete with a report of any actions taken, or any further actions required

Automate server room management
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Audit logs

Review historical data logs to show who has been on site, who has accessed which server rooms, and how long they spent there, for easy auditing

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Environmental monitors

Each Sense Badge measures ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity, and combines to create a real-time heatmap of your floorplan

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