Manage multiple sites more effectively

Jason Sturman
Manage multiple sites more effectively

If you’re managing multiple sites, you’ll likely know how tough it can be to do. Facility managers can often struggle to simplify their view of how sites are being managed. It’s difficult to know how long staff attended for and if they arrived or left on time, alongside what tasks were meant to be completed and which tasks were actually completed.

Health and safety information such as SOS alerts or falls can also be difficult to record accurately, and it’s hard to demonstrate the appropriate remedial actions were taken. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how technology can be used to help facility managers manage multiple sites more effectively.

What type of technology can help?

A real time location system (RTLS) is what we’d suggest to those facility managers looking to obtain more accurate data about how sites are being managed. Sense’s RTLS is made up of wearable devices, worn by staff who attend sites. These wearable devices transmit location information, environmental data, and communications back and forth to the Sense Console, software which allows admins to analyse and interpret data. Accuracy of data transmissions can be improved through the use of Sense Gateways, which significantly increase indoor location accuracy. The use of Sense Gateways suits fixed company locations that staff regularly visit.

How can a real time location system help?

Knowing the location of staff who are attending multiple sites is a significant advantage when it comes to assigning tasks, monitoring safety, as well as tracking time and attendance.

Tasks can be assigned across multiple sites, and pre-built workflows can even automate the assigning of tasks as an employee enters, or exits a site (check out our blog on first in, last out task assignment). Tasks can also be assigned by employee skills, job title, working hours, seniority, and more. Sense’s real time location system allows managers of multiple sites to confidently assign tasks to the appropriate individuals, as well as get visibility of when tasks are started, or finished, and communicate with frontline workers during the task being carried out if needed.

Time and attendance can be accurately recorded by Sense Badges, and the set-up can be configured by managers to track time in different ways. For example, someone could be clocked in as soon as they sign-in on a Sense Badge, or they could only be clocked in once they are signed in and enter a geofenced area. This means that employees don’t need to worry about physically clocking in or out using wall terminals, which improves accuracy, as well as hygiene in areas where employees are in contact with chemicals, or infectious diseases. And it also means that time is accurately tracked – highlighting excessive lateness, or unfinished work to managers.

Health and safety are important considerations in any workplace. For managers looking to make multiple site management more effective, Sense’s real time location system can help them to accurately track and report on safety incidents. Location data can trigger SOS alerts to nearby individuals if an incident occurs, and the Sense Console can demonstrate where accident hotspots are, allowing managers to take actions to improve safety of workers. Environmental sensors on Sense badges can help to trigger warnings to workers if an area has poor air quality, or the temperature is unsafe. This helps managers further by helping to prevent incidents, keeping sites working efficiently.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sense’s real time location system, you can check out our blog, or speak to a Sense consultant today.

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