Quick wins when implementing a real time location system 

Jason Sturman
Quick wins when implementing a real time location system

Real time location systems can offer your business a wealth of data. So how can companies use that data to make improvements? A quick win is typically a success that occurs within 30-90 days of a change being made, or a new system implemented. In this article we’re going to take a look at some quick wins companies can make when implementing a real time location system. 

Health and safety quick wins: 

  • can be significantly improved as the exact location can be marked on a map. As well as any individuals, or assets/equipment involved listed. This makes for easy auditing, and a quick boost to your RIDDOR score can be gained by eliminating any identified problems such as poorly organised store rooms, or crowded corridors. 
  • can also be quickly improved through knowing the exact location of someone involved in an accident. SOS and fall detection technology can notify nearby team members who can respond appropriately. 
  • can help your organisation to improve the wellbeing and safety of lone workers who are out in the field, or carrying out a high risk task. Responses to incidents can be easily improved, and potential damage to employees/equipment, and costs to the company can be reduced. 

Task management quick wins: 

  • quickly and easily. With Sense, you can assign tasks by location, skill, job title, and more. This means any ad-hoc tasks don’t go ignored and can be dealt with by employees who are perhaps in the area or have some free time and the relevant skills to go and sort it. 
  • and pass that information on to customers, or customer support teams. This can help with account management, complaint handling, as well as invoicing. 

Operational quick wins 

  • and reduce costs related to those areas. For example, you may see that an office space doesn’t have many employees accessing it, who can be easily relocated to another building or floor. 
  • through the use of tracking tags and easy-to-use asset reporting – for damage, repairs and scheduled maintenance. 

And that’s just a few examples! We’re sure there are other examples of quick wins companies will experience when implementing their real time location system. So, if you’d like to find out more about how to implement a real time location system, speak to a Sense expert today.  

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