Using Sense to gather workplace insights

Jason Sturman
Using Sense to gather workplace insights

Insights can provide the answers to questions such as how long does it take on average to complete a task? Which team are the most productive? Or even, how many staff use a piece of equipment each day?

But it can be difficult to manually gather accurate insights, without lots of time and effort. Unless you enlist the help of technology. In this article we’re going to explore how Sense’s real time location platform can be used to gather workplace insights.

How does the Sense platform work?

Sense’s real time location system allows you to monitor the location of employees, by using wearable devices, which we call Sense Badges. Assets can also be monitored by using Sense Tags. Sense Badges and Sense Tags share data with Sense Gateways – hardware that receives data from Sense Badges and Sense Tags, and in turn relays data to the Sense Portal – software which allows users to analyse and interpret data.

Of course, that’s just how all the data is relayed. The real question is what can you do with it?

Real workplace insights

The Sense platform can help companies gather a wealth of workplace insights, including (but not limited to):

  • How employees traverse their workplace
  • When and where tasks are completed (and how long it took
  • Environmental details such as temperature, or air quality
  • When/where pieces of equipment are used

And there are ways to configure Sense to gather specific insights for your workplace, and feed these into wider reports, processes or workflows.

Sense Automate allows you to build processes which enable you to control how information flows from device to device. It can automate notifications and trigger processes when the defined criteria are met. This helps admins to automate the collection and analysis of workplace data to get meaningful insights.

How can the insights be used?

These insights can be used to improve productivity, health and safety, or workplace wellbeing. Companies can use data to help to ensure equipment is maintained, or that assets are secured. The insights gathered can demonstrate that employees complied with legal regulations as well as company policies. Insights gathered can show customers that a job was completed as agreed, and when.

There are a diverse range of uses, and the Sense platform’s ability to be configured means that companies can tailor it to suit them.

If you’re interested to learn how Sense can work for you to gather and provide meaningful workplace insights, speak to a consultant today.

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