Using a real time location system to reduce admin

Jason Sturman
Using a real time location system to reduce admin

Carrying out administrative tasks costs both time and money. These tasks can be tedious and unfulfilling, as well as prone to human errors. In this article we explore how the use of a real time location system can reduce the need for admin, and help to eliminate tedious, unfulfilling work, whilst reducing the risk of errors.

Time and attendance

Automating time and attendance removes the need for admin, and a real time location system can do this for you. A real time location system such as sense can help you to automate time and attendance using wearable devices, called Sense Badges. Sense Badges track and share location and sign-in data. And by using geofences, Sense Badges can clock employees in, and out, as they enter or exit designated working areas.

By automating time and attendance in this way, companies are helping to mitigate manual time and attendance errors. Timesheets no longer need to be collected, reducing admin in this respect. Sense Badges also make it considerably more difficult for someone with malicious intent to manipulate a time sheet or steal company time through failing to clock out for breaks, or pretending to work when they didn’t.

Biometric authentication on Sense Badges acts as a layer of security helping to ensure the person is who they say they are when clocking in. Alongside this the geofence technology ensures that employees are where they’re supposed to be whilst clocked in. This technology also helps to ensure that employees take all the breaks they are supposed to, so nobody is over working or suffering from pressure to work longer hours than is safe.

Sense Badges also help to reduce the admin required for plastic swipe badges, paper timesheets, or wall mounted terminals.

Task management

Some sophisticated real time location systems can help you to assign tasks based on location, and reduce the admin related to task assignment.

Following on from using geofences to clock in and out, geofences can also be used to assign tasks. Workflows set up by managers can allow a Sense Badge carrier can trigger a task as they enter an area, or as a previous task is completed.

Tasks can also be assigned to colleagues who are nearest to an area, or who have relevant skills to complete a job. Automating in this way significantly reduces the time and effort required to assign a task to an individual who can effectively carry out what is required.

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Sense’s real time location system helps to alleviate administrative woes, through automating time and attendance as well as task management. If you’d like to find out about what else Sense can do for you, check out the rest of our blog, or speak to a Sense consultant today.

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