Returning to office? Here’s how to help make it work.

Jason Sturman
Returning to office? Here’s how to help make it work.

It’s no secret that a lot of employers are mandating office returns for employees who have been remote for the last year or so during the pandemic. There are many reasons for this, (That’s a different discussion, we won’t be going into those reasons) and different employers are implementing different rule sets. Rules such as “employees must be in the office X hours/days a week”
But do employers know how to actually see if rules are being adhered to? Without inaccuracies or high admin costs? Real time location technology such as Sense can help employers to accurately know and demonstrate when employees where in the office, and how the office space was utilised during that time.

What is a real time location system?

Sense’s real time location system allows you to monitor the location of employees, by using wearable devices, which we call Sense Badges. Assets can also be monitored by using Sense Tags. Sense Badges and Sense Tags share data with Sense Gateways – hardware that receives data from Sense Badges and Sense Tags, and in turn relays data to the Sense Portal – software which allows users to analyse and interpret data.

Of course, that’s just how all the data is relayed. What you do with the data is the important part.

How to tell if someone actually visits the office

Sense Badges can be provided at office entrances, or receptions. Biometric authentication helps you recognise who it is who is clocking in, and the timestamp can be logged in your system, so you know who arrives, when. The same applies for clocking out, when an employee signs out, or even if they leave the building with their Sense Badge still about their person, they will be clocked out, and this will be logged in your system too.
Badges can display employee photos too so can replace traditional ID badges.
Location monitoring can be turned off in areas where there are rest rooms, break areas, or even canteens if you wanted. This helps ensure employee privacy when not on the clock. Enabling location monitoring ensures that people don’t clock in, go home for the day, and then come back to the office to clock out.

Using Sense Badges will also help companies know if rules are being adhered to. Reports can be generated which show if employees are visiting the office the required amount. Location intelligence can also help to demonstrate if buildings are being utilised fully, so spend can be diverted if necessary to other areas.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Sense can help your return to office, get in touch today.

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