Empowering frontline workers with employee self-service using Sense Workplace

Jason Sturman
Empowering frontline workers with employee self-service using Sense Workplace

What is employee self-service? And why is it important for frontline workers? In this article, we’re going to answer these questions and explore how companies can empower employees – even those without traditional “desk jobs” – to make the most of self-service.

What is employee self-service

Employee self-service is functionality that some software offers. In particular, many HR systems allow this functionality – it allows workers to request holidays, report sickness, and access or record other appropriate information within their HR system.

Some HR systems don’t offer employee self-service; therefore, HR admins must rely on their own manual work to share information with team members, or to submit paper-based (or email-based) forms, documents and requests.

What is Sense Workplace?

Sense Workplace is a system that can help companies deliver HR support to their employees. Wearable devices known as Sense Badges can be given to frontline workers, allowing them to access SenseHR whilst on-the-go, even if they don’t have a company mobile phone or even a company email address. Theses wearable devices can log employee time and attendance, as well as give access to HR data such as holidays and other requests.

The key benefits of Sense Workplace self-service for frontline workers

Allowing employees to access self-service systems can remove the need for costly and tedious administration, as well as prevent duplicate data entries. It also empowers employees to be in control of their own information and allowances, without distracting them from their most important tasks.

Using Sense Badges, employees will no longer have to access a shared terminal to book holidays, or log time and attendance. This prevents the problem of accidentally leaving a system signed in, or having to wait whilst another employee is using the system. Automated time and attendance self-service allows employees to focus on tasks that matter, instead of remembering to clock in and out, or worrying whether their request has made it to the right person.

Being able to book holidays quickly and easily often means that employees are more likely to use their full holiday allowance, at reasonable times. Increased awareness of remaining allowance means employees are less likely to cram all their remaining leave at the end of the year before allowances reset.

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