Is there a better way to discharge patients from hospital?

Jason Sturman
Is there a better way to discharge patients from hospital?

The patient discharge process can feel like a daunting task, requiring collaboration and communication between various staff members across different services. Juggling countless tasks while ensuring proper patient discharge can be immensely challenging. Healthcare organisations have long sought ways to ease their employees’ workload using technology, but no single platform has been the answer – until now.

Sense’s real-time location system empowers healthcare providers to create custom workflows, offering an auditable process that staff can effortlessly follow, ultimately reducing the time it takes for patients to be discharged.

In this engaging article, we’ll explore the myriad benefits of using workflows and how they can revolutionise patient discharge processes as well as other aspects of healthcare.

Cutting down waiting times

Waiting can be infuriating, especially when you’re anticipating a diagnosis or treatment for a health issue. Regrettably, patient waiting time can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

A streamlined patient discharge process helps patients leave the hospital promptly, freeing up beds for new admissions and enabling more patients to receive treatment. Reducing waiting times for patients eager to leave the hospital – whether they’re awaiting paperwork, medication, or simply instructions from a nurse or doctor – can significantly enhance the care experience for both patients and staff. This helps alleviate patient frustration, which in turn reduces the likelihood of abuse directed towards staff.

Sense’s workflows can alert staff when a patient is ready to leave and provide a specific task list for all relevant employees. This helps raise awareness of outstanding tasks and who is responsible for them, allowing for timely reminders if needed.

Workflows also generate reports that can identify which actions improve waiting times and which make them longer, ultimately contributing to enhanced service provision.

Delivering a better care experience

Providing a positive care experience is vital. The tasks each staff member is responsible for contribute to the overall patient experience. By using Sense’s workflows to guide the patient discharge process, the care experience can be meticulously curated based on key indicators of a positive patient experience (e.g., reduced wait times, clear communication).

These workflows can then produce reports for decision-makers, which inform improvements to the care experience, with the process continually iterating.

Quantifying the actions that significantly impact patient experience enables healthcare providers to focus resources on the areas that make the most considerable difference.

Sense’s combination of wearable hardware, asset tags and other real-time location technology, helps healthcare staff identify clean areas where patients can stay or locate equipment quickly, minimising hassle or delay for patients. And because this information is all processed in Sense’s powerful cloud-based console, you’ll get the advantage of reviewing historical data, as well the ability to automate repetitive discharge processes, all from one central control centre.

Freeing up beds for treatment or surgery

Ultimately, safely discharging patients benefits not only them but also the patients waiting to be admitted. Sense workflows can facilitate patient admission, ensuring they’re prepared and ready for treatment.

These workflows guarantee that beds and areas are thoroughly cleaned before reuse and that any equipment is properly returned to its station, such as a wheelchair or heart rate monitor, ready for the next patient.

In conclusion, Sense workflows can streamline your hospital’s patient discharge process, improving safety and care experience while making the job easier for staff with timely reminders and alerts.

If you’re curious about implementing workflows to enhance your processes, speak to a Sense consultant today.

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