Integrate smart ID badges with your HR system for better workforce management

Jason Sturman
Integrate smart ID badges with your HR system

ID badges are due an update. Photos and names printed into plastic are no longer useful compared to what they could be. Even those with RFID chips or similar, are lacking. After all, technology now exists to support devices such as smart badges, which can act as ID badges that digitally integrate with your HR system. This comes with multiple benefits for your employees and your company. There are use cases in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and many more industries where employees may work varied shifts, be lone workers, or where many different worker types (such as a contractor, or part-time employee) are employed.

First and foremost, integrating smart badges with your HR system supports accurate tracking of employee time and attendance. This helps employees who are working varied shifts, or doing lots of overtime, ensuring they are paid in full for all the time they work. An auditable record of time tracked by devices is kept within the HR system so that managers and admins can review and approve hours, and ensure employees are complying with regulations about working time. When using SenseHR as your HR system, employees can see real time pay calculations showing how much they’ve earnt to date, or in the month so far. It also helps to protect the company from overpaying employees, or serious cases of time-theft where employees aren’t showing up to do their job at all.

This functionality ensures the accuracy of time tracking and employee payments.

Badges can send information about safety incidents, such as fall detection, or SOS calls to the HR system which will keep an auditable record. This can help to improve RIDDOR scores, by reducing safety incidents and improving outcomes. In all workplaces in the UK, keeping an accurate record of accidents is a requirement.

When a lone worker signs into a badge, functionality can log this in the HR system and notify people who need to be aware that someone is working by themselves. This helps to ensure lone workers are safe, and that someone can help if an incident occurs.

All this auditable information stored in your HR system can be reported on and used to aid with compliance and certification processes, such as ISO, PAS, or other certifications through the BSI. Integrating badges and HR in this way helps to eliminate hours of manual data processes and administration.

If you’re looking to improve your HR processes by integrating with smart badges, speak to a Sense expert today to find out more.

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