Cleaning and maintenance

Connect your crews, and ensure the correct sites are visited and the required processes are followed

Cleaning and maintenance
Accurate and easy crew management

Accurate and easy crew management

Cleaning contractors and maintenance teams complete a lot of tasks over a very large area. Due to staffing shortages, available workers are taking on more responsibilities, resulting in cleaning or maintenance jobs being rushed, or tasks being missed entirely. Sense helps cleaning and maintenance crews to show that they attended the required areas, that sites were cleaned or maintained properly, and that the correct process was followed.

Location-stamped timesheets

Most organisations struggle to show accurate staff locations and time spent in particular areas, which makes it difficult for cleaning crews to verify they completed certain tasks. Sense lets you verify tasks and checklists against location and time-stamped data, to ensure no detail gets missed.

Location-stamped timesheets
Workload management icon

Workload management

Cleaning crews can log in to their Sense Badge to receive a list of jobs to be completed, with detailed checklists for each task

Time and location stamps icon

Time and location stamps

Whenever tasks are marked as complete, Sense records the timestamp along with the location of the worker who did the job

Real-time location icon

Real-time location data

Sense shows live location data and can record how long team members spend in specific zones, with up to 10cm location accuracy

Data-backed invoicing for contractors

Data-backed invoicing for contractors

For many cleaning or maintenance contractors, showing completion of service is a challenge. Being able to show completion allows them to reassure their clients that cleaning or maintenance has been carried out – the Sense Badge collects detailed time and location data to back up your claims.

Site Attendance icon

Site attendance

Use GPS location data at the point of entry to a building, to show how many of your staff attended a particular site, and how long they stayed there

Biometric authentication icon

Biometric authentication

Each Sense Badge requires 2-factor biometric authentication from its assigned wearer, ensuring the expected individual is the person completing a job

Step counter icon

Step counter

Show the number of steps each person travelled during their visit, to verify that staff were moving around the building and attending to their duties

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